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Web Hosting Basic Plan Dynamic Plan Standard Plan Advanced Plan
$1 = Rs.60/- Rs.1800/- per year Rs.2400/- per year Rs.3000/- per year Rs.3600/- per year
Storage Space 1GB 2GB 5GB 10GB
Bandwidth 2GB 4GB 10GB 10GB
Email access 5 10 20 30
MySql Support 1 2 5 10
cPanel access tick tick tick tick
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    Domain name, usually an address that visitors use to view website

    Every organization that wants to be on the internet will register domain name for use as their online identity and that clients will use to access their services on the Internet. The best way to increase rankings in search engine and for the least amount of effort is to choose the domain name that inform visitors about your business.

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    Receive the best hosting features that support your website needs

    Web hosting is the basic fundamental need of the website because it serves as a platform that stores and holds the content of the website. Web hosting is a certain amount of storage allotted to the client and also the use of the domain name to host website. Storage is the amount of server space that is allocated for file storing needs, while bandwidth is the amount of transfer allowed from the server to other locations on the internet.

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    Custom quotation will be different as per dependency of the work

    Website is a collection of web pages i.e., documents that are accessed through the Internet. Website page can contain any type of information, and can include text, color, graphics, animation and sound. Generally, people look at websites for mainly two primary reasons i.e, to find information or to complete the task they need online. Websites can be divided into two main broad categories - static sites and interactive (also known as dynamic).

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Website hosting providers are business entities that accommodate space on their server for their clients. Web hosting depends on what clients want and what features the service provider does offer. When it comes to choosing web hosting, the price for such service may be one of the most important factors that influence your choice.

To reiterate, storage space is the amount of server space that is allocated for file storing needs, while bandwidth is the amount of transfer allowed from the server to other locations on the internet. Bandwidth will be larger than the amount of storage space by quite a bit in order to allow for the information you have stored on the server to be transferred sufficiently to visitors. Most small business websites will not need more than 1GB of bandwidth.

Bandwidth describes the level of traffic and data allowed to transfer between website, users, and the Internet. If the website is high traffic/usage, then it is better to upgrade to semi dedicated account. The reason for high usage is due to number of hits to the website is high or usage in ftp, email is more. If you have website that is composed of static and expect little traffic on a daily basis, go with low bandwidth plan or ever need more, we offer wide range of more upgrade options. If you need more storage space or bandwidth, then contact 'crihost'.

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